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“Burquʿ and Baṭūla: Diverse Cultural History in the Arabian Peninsula” for International Conference on Culture Made in Arabia, CEFAS-Sorbonne Abu Dhabi-New York University Abu Dhabi, UAE. 


“Identity Politics and Cultural Traditions: Naturalised Iranian Migrants in the Gulf Arab States” for Research Meeting on Middle East and Islamic Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan. (Japanese) 


“Generational Changes in the Traditional Dress of Qatari Women” for 2020 Annual Research Meeting on Construction of the Face-Body Studies in Transcultural Conditions, Japan. (Poster, Japanese)


“Expressing Identity through the Dressed Body: Iranian Migrants in the Gulf ” for The 5th Annual International Conference of the Gulf Studies Centre, Qatar University.


“Kaowo ōukamenno yakuwari: Chūtou/wanganchiikino jireikara [The Roles of Face Covering: The Case of the Gulf Region in the Middle East]” for 2020 Young Researchers Workshop for Face-Body Studies, Chuo University, Japan.


“A Japanese Ethnographer in the Gulf: The Politics of Gender, Age and Nationality” for  Cultural/Social Anthropology Research Seminar 2020, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.


“Masking Culture and Associated Identities: The Case of Southern Iran,” for International Symposium on Performing the Self and Playing with the Otherness: Clothing and Costuming under Transcultural conditions, Indonesian Institute of Science, Jakarta. 


“The Reflection of the Socio-Cultural Connectivity in the Indian Ocean: Adopting and Reshaping the Face Masks” for Workshop on Indian Ocean Port Cities and Their Hinterlands, New York University Shanghai, China. 


“Gulf Connectivity through the Mask: Materials, Perceptions, and Products” for the 13th Association for Iranian Studies (AIS) Biennial Conference, Salamanca. [postponed]


‘Knowledge and Practice on “Heat” in the Process of Natural Resource Management: An Attempt and Discussion’ for the Japanese Association for Arid Land Studies 2020 Annual Meeting, Okayama University, Japan. (Poster, Japanese)


“Dress to Express or Dress to Impress: Adaptation of National Dress amongst Migrants in the Gulf” for the Japan Association for Middle East Studies (JAMES) 2020 Annual Meeting, Oberlin University, Japan.


“The Diverse Functions of Face Masking: The Case of the United Arab Emirates” for 2019 Annual Research Meeting on Construction of the Face-Body Studies in Transcultural Conditions, Japan. (Poster, Japanese)


“Fashioning the Mask: Material, Craft, and Memory” for the 2019 Middle East Studies Association for North America (MESA) Annual Meeting, New Orleans. 


“Politicisation of the Masking in Iran: Representing Nation, Locality, or Imagined Community?” for the 1st Tsinghua Area Studies Forum, Tsinghua University, China.


“Observation of Migration Flows in the Gulf through the Lens of the Masking Culture,” for research seminar, Kaken B Project on Asian Gulf Migrants, Konan University, Tokyo. (Japanese)


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“Changing Attitude towards Face Masking: The Case of Larak Island in the Persian Gulf” for Beirut Seminar at Japan Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Beirut, Lebanon.


“Mask of the Persian Gulf: Concealing or Beautifying?” for Three Minute Thesis Presentation, Welcome Week for Postgraduate, University of Exeter.


“Historical Roles of the Female Face Mask in the West Indian Ocean” for International Conference of the Institute for the Study of Muslim Civilisations, Aga Khan University, London. 


“Masked Faces: Untold Stories of the Arabian-Persian Gulf. Insights from the Fieldwork” for the Exhibition Launch, the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, the University of Exeter.


“Reflecting Female Agency in the Face Mask: A Comparative Study in the Persian Gulf” for British Society for Middle Eastern Studies (BRISMES) Conference, King’s College London. 


“What is the ‘Appropriate’ Emirati Face Mask? Contemporary Discussions on the Cultural Representation of Emirati Women” for the Royal Anthropological Institute’s Conference, British Museum and School of African and Oriental Studies (SOAS). 


“Masking Identities: The Case of the United Arab Emirates” for PG Tips, Department of Archaeology, University of Exeter. 


“Regional Comparison about Role and Significance of the Face Mask and the Changes. Through the Case Studies of the United Arab Emirates and Qeshm Island of Iran—Interim Report” for The Middle East and Islamic Studies (MEIS) Research Seminar, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan. (Japanese)


“Expressed Women’s Identities through Masking: From the Case Study of Southwest of Iran Today” for Junior Researcher’s Seminar, National Museum of Ethnology, Japan. (Japanese)


“Discovering the Untold Stories of Masked Women” for the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Festival of Social Science, Exeter Library.


“Female Face Mask and Identity in the Persian Gulf: The Case of Hormozgan Province of Iran” for Current PhD and Post-Doctoral Research Seminar, Centre for Islamic Archaeology, University of Exeter.


“Face Mask and Identity in the Persian Gulf: The Case of the UAE and Qeshm Island of Iran. Introduction” for Gulf Seminar, Centre for Gulf Studies, University of Exeter.

“The Women’s Face Mask in the South of Iran” for the Avaye-Tabiate-Paydar Institute, Tehran, Iran. (Persian and English)

“Attitudinal Change Towards Traditional Attire Among Qatari Women Over One Generation” for Gulf Studies Meeting, Centre for Gulf Studies, University of Exeter.